Finance Assistant

Job Title: Finance Assistant (Payroll)
Organisation: Break Barriers (Nottingham) Limited
Location: Nottingham, NG7 5PN
Hourly Rate: £9.50/hr – Part Time/Full Time
Pension: Staff Pension Scheme available

Job Purpose

To create and maintain employees’ payroll records. Check staff worked hours and travel time on the rota system. Enter payroll information into central system for processing. Process the organisation’s payroll in a timely and accurate manner Issues employees with relevant payroll records. Check and file required payroll reports.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Collaborating with the human resources department to maintain employee data.
  • Ensure staff data is entered correctly on rotaring system including accuracy of Rates Sheets.
  • Using MS Excel to check the number of hours employees have worked, corresponding travel time and match to corresponding pay rates.
  • Checking calculating wages and salaries from rotaring system.
  • Calculating shift payments and overtime compensation
  • Ensuring correct calculation of deductions.
  • Issuing employees’ wages by cash, cheque or electronic transfer.
  • Issuing tax forms and related documentation and assisting employees to complete them.
  • Resolving issues employees have with timesheets, payslips and other payroll matters.
  • Submit all payroll reports to relevant authorities and prepare payroll journals.
  • Changing employee bank records when necessary to process payments accurately.
Health And Safety
  • To be familiar with the Company’s obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act1974 and the other Health and Safety Regulations detailed in the Company’s Health and Safety Policies.
  • At the direction of the Registered Manager - to carry out risk assessments under the Health and Safety requirements.
  • Update Peninsula Health and Safety Management System using the Business Safe Online portal.
  • To keep the Registered Manager informed of the outcomes and issues that are identified concerning Health and Safety issues.
  • To maintain confidentiality at all times and carry out the Company’s Confidentiality Policy.
  • To represent the Company in a professional manner at all times, on the telephone, face to face or in written communication.
  • To carry out any other tasks required by the Finance Department that are corresponding with the level of responsibility.
  • Be aware of and implement Break Barriers (Nottingham) Ltd.’s policies and procedures.

All duties and responsibilities must be carried out with due regard to the Break Barriers policies and procedures including standards detailed by the Skills for Care Code of practice.

Post holders will be accountable for carrying out all duties and responsibilities with due regard to the Break Barriers’ Equality & Diversity Policy. Duties which include the processing of any personal data must be undertaken within the Data Protection guidelines and in line with the principles of Break Barriers’ confidentiality and disclosure policies.